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How To Buy Books On Audible

How To Buy Books On Audible

Embarking on the pursuit of Audible books offers you a gateway to a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. This article meticulously outlines the process of purchase on Audible, a preeminent digital platform known for its vast catalogue of audio books. In a detailed, step-by-step manner, it takes you through the procedure required to secure the audio literature of your choice; from account creation, navigation, through to final procurement. Equipped with this procedural knowledge, you should be proficient in utilizing Audible for your literary endeavours.

How To Buy Books On Audible

Understanding Audible Service

In this article, you will gain an understanding of Audible, a popular audio entertainment platform owned by Amazon. This service allows you to listen to a diverse range of content, from books and podcasts to news and meditations, in an audio format.

Overview of Audible

Audible is an audio entertainment platform that provides an array of listening content. With an extensive library of audiobooks, you can listen to your favorite author’s latest bestseller or discover new favorites at your convenience. It is geared toward anyone who values the opportunity to absorb information on the go, without the need to read text.

Benefits of Using Audible

There are several advantages to using Audible. With the ability to listen anywhere and anytime, you can transform mundane tasks or commutes into enriching experiences through access to thousands of audiobooks. Another advantage is the opportunity to multi-task, learning or getting entertained while carrying out other activities.

Audible Membership Plans

Audible offers various membership plans, ranging from one-book to two-book monthly plans, and an annual package. Each membership plan comes with a number of Audible credits that you can redeem for any audiobook in the Audible library. Monthly plans also include access to Audible Originals and other benefits.

Cost of Audible Services

The cost of subscribing to Audible depends on your chosen membership plan. The one-book monthly plan is the least expensive, followed by the annual package.

Setting up an Audible Account

Understanding how to set up an Audible account is crucial for accessing its services.

Requirement to Create an Account

To create an Audible account, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a major credit or debit card for membership fees. You will also need access to the internet and an email address.

Steps to Create an Audible Account

Creating an Audible account involves visiting the Audible website or app, clicking on the ‘Sign In’ tab, and selecting ‘Create a new Amazon account’. Fill in the required details and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Linking Audible Account with Amazon

If you already have an Amazon account, you can link it to Audible during the account creation process. Linking your Audible account with Amazon enables a seamless shopping experience and instant access to any audiobook purchased on Amazon.

Subscribing to Audible Membership Plans

Subscription to any of the Audible membership plans can be done after creating an account. You simply choose a plan that suits your needs and fill in the necessary payment details.

Navigating Audible Website or App

Audible’s website and app are user-friendly, built to enhance your audiobook listening experience.

Features of Audible Website and App

The Audible website and app have several features designed to ease navigation. There is a search bar for quick lookup of titles, authors or narrators, categories and genres for browsing, and a Wishlist for saving titles you plan to listen to in the future.

Searching Books on Audible

Using the search bar on the Audible website or app, you can quickly find specific titles, authors, or narrators. You can also browse various categories and genres for a more exploratory search.

Understanding Audio Book Details Page

Each audiobook on Audible has a detail page that displays information such as the title, author, narrator, length, release date, and price. It also includes a brief summary, user ratings, and reviews to guide your purchase decision.

Making Use of Audible Filters to Find Books

To help you find specific books you’re interested in, Audible provides filters such as language, format (Abridged or Unabridged), duration, and their recommendation engine, Audible Picks.

How To Buy Books On Audible

Purchasing Books on Audible

Knowing how to purchase audiobooks on Audible is essential to utilizing this service.

Using Audible Credits to Purchase Books

Your Audible membership plan comes with credits that you can use to purchase audiobooks. Once you find an audiobook you’re interested in, select ‘Buy with 1 credit’ and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Steps to Purchase Books on Audible

To purchase a book on Audible using a credit card, go to the book’s details page and click on ‘Buy Now’. Then, follow the instructions to fill in your payment details and confirm the purchase.

Understanding Audible Purchase Options

Apart from using Audible credits or a credit card, you can buy audiobooks through Amazon and have them instantly available on your Audible account. You can also gift individual audiobooks to other Audible users.

Dealing with Audible Payment and Checkout

The payment process on Audible is secure and straightforward, handling transactions with major credit or debit cards. Once you’ve confirmed your purchase, the selected audiobook will be instantly available in your library.

Downloading and Listening to Audible Books

After purchasing an audiobook, the next steps are downloading and listening.

How to Download Audiobooks

Once you’ve purchased an audiobook, you can download it to your device directly from your library on the Audible website or app. The download will be saved in the Audible format that can be played on a variety of devices.

Listening to Audiobooks on Different Devices

You can listen to your downloaded audiobooks on any device that supports the Audible app, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and Amazon Echo devices.

Using Audible App Features While Listening

While listening to an audiobook, you can make use of the Audible app features such as bookmarks to save favorite spots, sleep mode for auto-stop, adjustable narration speed, and button-free mode for uninterrupted listening.

Offline Listening of Audiobooks

Once you’ve downloaded an audiobook, you can listen to it offline, which is especially handy during travels or when without an internet connection.

Managing Your Audible Library

Your Audible library is where all your purchased audiobooks are stored, and understanding how to manage it is important.

Accessing Your Audible Library

You can access your Audible library via the website or app. Here, you can see all the audiobooks you’ve bought and downloaded.

Organizing Your Audible Books

The Audible library provides options to sort your audiobooks by title, author, length, or purchase date. You can also create custom categories for better organization.

Deleting and Re-Downloading Books from Library

You can delete audiobooks from your library to save space on your device. Remember, deleted audiobooks can be re-downloaded at any time without additional charges.

Sharing Books Using Family Library Sharing Feature

You can also share your audiobooks with family members using the Audible Family Library Sharing feature. This allows you to share your favorite books with other members of your Amazon Household.

Returning or Exchanging Books on Audible

If you’re not satisfied with an audiobook, Audible allows you to return or exchange the book.

Understanding Audible Return Policy

Audible’s return policy allows you to return or exchange audiobooks within 365 days of the original purchase if you’re not satisfied, given that you have not listened to a substantial portion of it.

Steps to Return or Exchange Books on Audible

To return or exchange a book, go to your Library on the Audible website, select the ‘Return’ option next to the book you want to return, and follow the instructions.

Possible Reasons for Return Rejection

Audible reserves the right to refuse a return or exchange request if you have returned too many items in the past or listened to a significant portion of the book.

Audible Membership Benefits

There are several benefits to an Audible membership, some of which are listed below.

Free Monthly or Yearly Audible Books

Depending on your membership plan, you get 1 or 2 free Audible credits every month, or 12 or 24 credits at once for annual plans. These credits can be traded for any audiobook in their catalog, regardless of price.

Access to Exclusive Sales and Discounts

Members have access to exclusive sales and receive up to 30% discount on any audiobook purchase outside of their monthly or annual credits.

Unlimited Listening to Audible Originals

Members can choose and listen to a specific selection of Audible Originals for free every month. Audible Originals are exclusive titles created by celebrated authors from theater, journalism, literature, and more.

Rollover and Keep Unused Credits

You can roll over and keep any unused credits for up to one year. If your membership ends, the credits are lost, but you can still listen to the books you’ve purchased.

Pausing or Cancelling Your Audible Membership

If you decide to take a break or end your association with Audible, you have the options to pause or cancel your membership.

Steps to Pause Your Audible Membership

To pause your membership, you will need to contact Audible Customer Service. They will guide you through the process which allows you to keep your unused credits, but you won’t receive any new credits or benefits during this time.

Consequences of Pausing Your Membership

While your membership is paused, you’ll retain your current benefits, but you won’t accrue any new ones. You also won’t receive any new monthly or annual credits.

Steps to Cancel Your Audible Membership

In order to cancel your Audible membership, you’ll need to access your Account Details page on the Audible website, and click on the “Cancel membership” option. Follow the prompts to complete the cancellation.

Consequences of Cancelling Your Membership

When you cancel your Audible membership, you lose any unused credits. However, all purchased audiobooks remain in your library and you can listen to them indefinitely.

Customer Support and Assistance

Should you ever need assistance, Audible provides various support.

How to Contact Audible Support

You can contact Audible Support through the ‘Contact Us’ option on the Audible website or app. Depending on your preference, you can get assistance via phone, email or live chat.

Frequently Encountered Problems and Their Solutions

Commonly encountered issues include problems with downloading, playing audiobooks, billing, or accessing certain features. Most of these problems can be easily resolved by following guides provided by Audible in the “Help & Customer Service” section of their website.

Audible Community Support

The Audible Community is another valuable resource for support. Here, users help each other resolve issues, share tips, and discuss their favorite audiobooks.

Using Audible Help Center for Queries

For general queries, Audible’s Help Center provides an array of frequently asked questions and their answers. It’s a great resource for getting quick help on common issues.

In conclusion, Audible is a highly versatile audiobook service that, once mastered, offers a new and enriching way to enjoy literature. Whether commuting, cooking, or simply taking a break from staring at screens, Audible offers countless hours of informative and entertaining content at your fingertips.


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