Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue Review

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Right off the bat, bathing your baby should be a safe, comfortable and joyful experience, and the Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub in Blue is designed to offer just that. With high side walls and non-slip feet, this tub ensures your little one remains safe and secure during bathtime. The tub also offers an extra-soft inclined headrest that’s gentle on your baby while effectively keeping water out of their ears. Plus, the safety overflow maintains the water levels ensuring things don’t get messy. What makes this bathtub a must-have is its removable front drain which allows dirty water to flow right out of the tub and, it separates into two parts allowing for fast and easy cleaning. Trust this tub to transform baby bathtime into a hassle-free, splashing fun time!

Discover more about the Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue.

Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to bath time for your baby, safety and comfort are paramount. The Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue, provides both in one engaging design. Its unique features provide peace of mind knowing your baby is secure and comfortable. The high side walls and non-slip feet are uniquely designed to keep baby safely in place. The extra-soft inclined headrest also ensures baby’s ears are kept free of water, a common concern shared by many parents.

Moreover, the bathtub is built with a safety overflow mechanism to maintain safe water levels, preventing any risk of accidental overflow. As time and convenience are key considerations for parents, the bathtub’s front drain is removable and allows dirty water to flow directly out of the tub. This design separates into two parts for fast and easy cleaning, which numerous parents have found to be invaluable.

Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue

$38   In Stock

Engaging High Side Walls and Non-slip Feet

These are not just any ordinary high side walls. They lend added safety by preventing your baby from toppling over during bath times, a common fear among parents. The non-slip feet feature measures up to the task by keeping the bathtub stable during all those splashy antics.

Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue

Learn more about the Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue here.

Extra-Soft Inclined Headrest

Bath time just got more comfortable! This headrest provides a gentle incline, ensuring your baby’s head is well-supported while also keeping water out of baby’s ears.

Safety Overflow and Removable Front Drain

Keeping bath time fun and safe, the safety overflow mechanism ensures water levels are always at a safe level. The front drain is easily removable, facilitating direct and quick flow of dirty water out of the tub.

Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue

Easy Cleaning Mechanism

The bathtub readily separates into two parts, allowing for fast and easy cleaning – a godsend feature for busy parents.

Product Quality

The Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue, combines practicality and sophistication. Its quality is reliable and has been tested by countless parents. The structure and materials used take into account the demands of modern parenthood, ensuring both safety and style in one robust product.

Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue

Keeping Baby Cozy and Secure

The bathtub provides a snug fit for your baby, ensuring they are comfortable and secure for the entire wash up time. The inclined headrest helps to maintain an appropriate posture and keep water away from sensitive areas.

Ensuring Safe Water Levels

The safety overflow mechanism plays a major role in maintaining safe water levels. This feature significantly reduces the risk of water levels rising too high.

Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue

Making Bath Time Effortless

Ideal for parents who are tight on time, the bathtub’s straightforward cleaning mechanism saves precious minutes. The removable front drain allows for a quick and effective clean-up after bath times.

Practically Designed for Baby’s Comfort

The baby bathtub’s unique design is catered to maximize relaxation and comfort. Every feature is meticulously incorporated to ensure your baby’s well-being during bath times.

Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Baby Bathtub, Blue

Product Specifications

Dimension Weight Color Material Part
25 x 14.5 x 8 inches 4.2 pounds Blue Plastic Two-part separation

Who Needs This

Parents who prioritize both safety and convenience during baby’s bath time will find this product invaluable. It’s ideally suited for those who want a baby bathtub that offers both strong safety features and an effortless clean-up mechanism.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to clean, Safety overflow feature, Non-slip feet for stability

Cons: Only available in one color, May not be compatible with all bath sizes


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