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Where To Buy Rtic Coolers

Where To Buy Rtic Coolers

Endeavoring to make your choice from a plethora of insulated cooler options, you might have come across RTIC, a well-regarded brand known for their high-quality, durable coolers. As you gear up for your travels, seeking the perfect cooler to maintain the freshness of your food and drinks, knowing precisely where to purchase these sought-after coolers is paramount. This article aims to provide you with comprehensive information on where to buy RTIC coolers, thereby substantiating your decision-making process.

Where To Buy Rtic Coolers

Rtic Official Website

When investigating where to buy Rtic coolers, a natural starting point may be the Rtic official website.

What you’ll find

On the Rtic official website, you’ll find a comprehensive range of all their products. This includes the full lineup of Rtic coolers, from smaller, personal-sized units fit for a day at the beach, up to larger, heavy-duty coolers designed for extended camping or fishing trips.

Purchasing process

The purchasing process from the Rtic website is straight-forward. You’ll need to select the product of your choice, add it to the shopping cart, and then proceed to checkout where you’ll provide shipping details and payment information.

Shipping Details

Rtic generally ships all their products from their warehouse located in the United States. The shipping rates and delivery times largely depend on your location and the size of the product you’ve ordered.

Customer Support

Rtic takes pride in providing excellent customer support. You can reach out to them through email or by calling their customer service number in case you face any issues or have inquiries regarding the products, orders or shipping.


Amazon is a convenient and popular platform for purchasing a variety of Rtic coolers.

Availability of Rtic Coolers

Amazon maintains a robust inventory of Rtic coolers. Whether you’re looking for a hard, soft, or backpack cooler, there’s likely a model available that matches your preferences and needs.


Pricing for Rtic coolers on Amazon is generally competitive, with occasional discounts and sales further reducing the costs. However, it’s prudent to compare prices across different platforms before making a purchase decision.

Customer Reviews

One of the benefits of buying from Amazon is access to a wealth of customer reviews. You can read about the experiences of others who have purchased and used the cooler you’re interested in, which can provide useful insights.

Shipping Information

For Amazon Prime members, free and sometimes expedited shipping is available for many Rtic cooler models. For non-Prime members, shipping costs will depend on the location and delivery preferences.


Walmart offers both in-store and online options for purchasing Rtic coolers.

In-store Availability

Many Walmart stores stock Rtic coolers, especially in regions popular for outdoor activities. You can check in-store availability on the Walmart website or call your local store to confirm.

Online Purchase Option

Through Walmart’s online platform, you have access to various models of Rtic coolers. Ordering online allows you to have your cooler shipped directly to your home.

Prices and Deals

Walmart’s prices for Rtic coolers are reasonably competitive. They also frequently offer deals or discounts on coolers, particularly during holiday periods or at the start of the camping season.

Return Policy

Should you be unsatisfied with your cooler, Walmart maintains a generally customer-friendly return policy. You can return your cooler either in-store or by mail, although specific terms can vary based on individual product.


eBay is a valuable platform for buying both new and used Rtic coolers.

Range of New and Used Rtic Coolers

eBay boasts a broad array of both new and used Rtic coolers. This broad selection lets you find the cooler that suits your needs and fits your budget.

Bidding Process

One unique aspect of purchasing from eBay is the bidding process. Many coolers are auctioned off to the highest bidder, potentially allowing you to secure a cooler at a lower price than traditional retail.

Seller Feedback

eBay provides a helpful seller rating system. Before purchasing, you can inspect the seller feedback score and read previous customer reviews to ensure you’re buying from a reliable source.

Shipping Information

The shipping details for eBay purchases vary based on the individual seller. Many offer free shipping, while others might charge based on size, weight, and destination.

Where To Buy Rtic Coolers


Costco is known for its wholesale shopping model, which includes Rtic coolers as well.


Most Costco stores carry a limited assortment of Rtic coolers. Availability may vary by location and seasonality, though.

Membership Requirements

To purchase from Costco, you must be a member of their membership program. This has an annual fee, yet offers a range of benefits including access to their wholesale prices.

Bulk Purchase Options

As a wholesale club, Costco allows for bulk purchases. If you need to buy multiple Rtic coolers, perhaps for a business or large event, Costco may be a suitable platform.

Return Policies

Costco is known for its generous return policy. Even without a receipt, in many cases, you can return your cooler if you’re unsatisfied or find any faults with it.

Home Depot

Home Depot is another location where you can find Rtic coolers.

Product Range

At Home Depot, you’re likely to find a solid selection of Rtic coolers of various sizes and types. Cooler availability may differ between stores and their online platform.

Price Comparisons

Home Depot’s prices on Rtic coolers are generally competitive. During certain promotional periods, they might also offer discounts or price matches.

In-store Vs Online Buying Options

Home Depot offers both in-store and online purchasing. Buying in-store lets you inspect the cooler before buying. And with online purchasing, you can order the cooler from the comfort of your own home, and opt for home delivery or in-store pickup.

Return and Warranty Policies

Rtic coolers purchased from Home Depot can benefit from the store’s reliable return and warranty policies. You’ll typically have a 90-day window to return any unsatisfactory products.


Lowe’s also stocks a variety of Rtic coolers.

Cooler Varieties

Lowe’s offers a range of Rtic coolers, including both smaller, portable models and larger, high-capacity versions. You might also find various colors to choose from.

Price Range

Prices at Lowe’s for Rtic coolers are generally within the same ballpark as other major retailers. Be sure to check for any ongoing sales or promotional offers.

In-store and Online Purchase Options

Like many retailers, Lowe’s offers the option to buy in-person at their retail locations or online via their website. Both buying methods offer distinct advantages depending on your preferences and needs.

Customer Support

Should you need help with your purchase or have any queries, Lowe’s customer support can be contacted through multiple channels, including phone, email, or live chat.


Target is another great option for those seeking to purchase Rtic coolers.

Product Availability

Target offers a selection of Rtic products, including various cooler models. Some models might be available in-store, while a more comprehensive range can be found online.

Online Purchase

Buying online from Target is a breeze. The buying process is straightforward, and you can choose from home delivery or pick-up from a local store.

Price Comparison

Target’s prices for Rtic coolers are competitive with other major retailers. Keep an eye out for their weekly ad or any special deals they might offer.

Customer Care Service

Whether you’re having difficulties with your order or simply have a question about Rtic coolers, Target’s customer service team is there to help.

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is an ideal platform for buying Rtic coolers due to their specialization in outdoor gear.

Rtic Cooler Options

At Bass Pro Shops, you’re likely to find a wide selection of Rtic coolers catering to the various outdoor needs of their clientele.

In-store and Online Purchase

You can purchase Rtic coolers from Bass Pro Shops both in-store and online. The store allows you to physically examine the cooler, while the online option offers comfort and convenience.


Bass Pro Shops’ pricing can be slightly higher due to their specialty nature, however, they also run frequent promotions and sales which can make the prices quite competitive.

Customer Service

Bass Pro Shops provides efficient and collaborative customer service. If any issues or inquiries arise, their knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.


REI is a trusted source for outdoor equipment, including Rtic coolers.

Range of Rtic Coolers

REI offers an extensive selection of Rtic coolers in various sizes, colors, and types, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for every kind of outdoors enthusiast.

Membership Benefits

REI operates a membership model, offering special discounts and benefits to its members. While anyone can shop at REI, members often receive better pricing and rewards.

Online and In-store Shopping Experience

REI provides seamless shopping both in-store and online. In-store, you have the benefit of personalized assistance, while online shopping allows you to browse and buy at your own convenience.

Customer Support

REI prides itself on excellent customer service, ready to assist with any questions or issues. You can reach them by phone, email, or live chat on their website.

Thus, a wide variety of retail options exist when looking to buy Rtic coolers. Be sure to compare prices and consider the various benefits each retailer offers to find the best option for your needs.


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